The Holy Roman Empire in Modern Times Part I: Reich or Wrong

A fine post from my friend the Habsburg Restorationist.

The War for Christendom

Reich or Wrong: Hitler and the Consequences of the Dissolution of Austria-Hungary

Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S33882 / CC-BY-SA       Otto Von Hapsburg

“I have sworn my oath of loyalty to only one Emperor”-Georg Ritter Von Trapp (in response to Adolf Hitler)

On the first of April 1922, the last (for now at least) crowned Emperor of Austria and the HOLY ROMAN REICH breathed one final time, and then went forth from the world to the Judgment Throne of his ETERNAL KING. Upon his death, his wife turned to their nine-year old son Otto Von Hapsburg and said, “Your father is now sleeping the eternal sleep- You are now Emperor and King.”

A year to the day later, another Austrian in a Bavaria prison began book which sold over a million copies. It laid the foundations for a plan of Greater Germany, a Third “Reich” which would be based on racial superiority and extermination. In this book the Noble and Catholic House of Hapsburg is mentioned almost 73 times, in tones ranging from derision to…

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