On False Idealism

Although I was rather dismayed to learn of the U.S. missile strikes on Syrian Airbases, I was far more disheartened by the reaction of many of the President’s former supporters, in particular a piece written by the perpetually misleared Mark Citadel. Among some of the other detractors of the president include conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson, anti-catholic harridan Ann Coulter, and the nationalist maniac Richard Spencer. With the exception of Citadel, all of the above are American Citizens, and all of the above identify with either the “Alt-Right”, the “Reactosphere”, or both. Ironically, for a group supposedly opposed to Globalism, the Alt-Right and much of the Reactosphere have proven rather globalistic themselves. There is no sense of loyalty to one’s leader or country, only a mad cry that “traitor”. Not one consideration that the strike was, in essence, a “shot over the bow” that caused no casualties and negligible damage. Only shallow attacks on the President and his character, as well as in the case of Citadel (among others), entirely uncalled for and vulgar attacks on the President’s family. I could not find a singular shred of patriotism in any of the attacks on Trump, save for a few, more measured responses a few days afterwards. It was entirely ignored that, on a purely pragmatic level, Assad is hostile to American interests, or that Russia is not the friend of the West. The Alt-Right cares only about it’s “movement” independant of any real, lasting loyalties to their nation. I’ve seen Americans say that their “only hope” is now Marine Le Pen, a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-religious Leftist from a whole seperate continent whose sole appear to them is radical xenophobia. Never mind that blaming Islam for Wahhabism is roughly akin to blaming Catholics for atrocities committed by Calvinists in the Eighty Years War (of which there were many).

Apologies if it seems that I’m rambling at this point, but I’ve been thinking about the Alt-Right and its many problems for some time now. I have no issue with having ideals and sticking to this, but one should never let this cause them to lose sight of their loyalties. Much as I wanted Norbert Hofer to win in Austria, it was something ultimately out of my control, and to some extent, not my concern. My first loyalty is always to the Faith, followed by my Fatherland, and then to lawful authorities. My loyalty is not to Syria, or Russia, or to Assad or Putin. It is to America and Trump. The American attacks on Syria were foolish, unneeded, and frankly stupid. But neither Assad nor Putin is a saint, and one should not be so ready to renounce a loyalty, born of a hard-won victory, for so trivial an incident as this.


10 thoughts on “On False Idealism

  1. “one should not be so ready to renounce a loyalty, born of a hard-won victory, for so trivial an incident as this.”

    Oh, I totally agree. When the government is avowedly liberal, when it’s partaking in the massacre of Christian in Syria at the behest of Jews, we have to stand by that government 100%. It doesn’t really matter if that government was established not on an ethnos nor a royal bloodline, but on a sick egalitarian idea, a bastard-spawn of the murderous French Revolution. It doesn’t matter when people lie to us. I love these “American interests” because nobody ever explains what they are. This is due to the fact that the words they’d have to blurt out would be “Saudi Arabia” and “Israel”. What you’re preaching is no ‘traditionalism’ of any kind, merely milquetoast ‘conservatism’. You could write for National Review alongside ((( Jonah Goldberg ))) and the other neocons.

    The fact you’re missing entirely is that the USA is a “proposition nation”, unlike most others around the globe. This means loyalty to it rests entirely on an agreement with that proposition, a choice. Since Spencer finds that proposition to be twisted, he is perfectly justified in calling Trump out and fighting not for the bourgeois ideal of the USA but for his kin (in his case, whites). I’m honestly amazed at these pseudo-Traditionalists (who most certainly represent Guénon’s much-warned-about counter-initiation) who remain in the camp of the globalist cabal which rests its bloodstained arms on the lies of the ‘free world’. It’s a rather tragic joke, but then we must remember: when the American air force was murdering Christians in Belgrade, there were plenty of very ‘religious’ folk who clapped and waved the flag. I guess by now the servants of God should have become quite used to the vipers in our midst who wear only the faces of men. But slowly, even those within the United States with eyes to see, are waking up to the truth. I’m thrilled that Trump hasn’t turned them into his sycophants as George W. Bush did to so many evangelical dupes. They have a voice, and they are making it heard.
    For we know that at present there is only one state religion in the West. What Dávila called the power of “pornography and coca cola.”


    1. I fail to see how the United States is “a bastard-spawn of the murderous French Revolution”, when the French Revolution occurred after the American War for Independence. I have no love in my heart for either Israel or Sauda Arabia, but neither for Russia (particularly under the current Putin Regime) or for Syria. Ironic that you call me a Neo-Con when I’m vehemently opposed to war in all but a very few circumstances.

      I have little sympathy for Serbia, and never will. It should frankly be wiped of the map for it’s crimes in 1903, 1914, 1918, 1991-1995. Serbien muß sterbien.


      1. The French Revolution was the seminal Enlightenment event, its beginnings already in motion by 1765, so the technicality of the few years difference before the gunfire broke out is irrelevant.

        I am impressed though that you defended your country’s slaughter of Christians in defence of Muslims. That was unexpected, and yet perhaps should be expected, for most of what passes for ‘Christianity’ in America is in fact in 90% of cases a risible pseudo-spirituality, as most Traditionalist authors pointed out.

        In any event, this is all rather meaningless. The ‘sphere’ is virtually unanimous in its rejection of what Trump has done at the behest of his hook-nosed son in law. You join the ranks of his dancing shills, with Bill Mitchell and co.

        “If Trump thinks it’s a good idea… it’s a good idea” were his immortal words.

        Trump’s ardent sycophants. And such people will never have an ounce of influence on the Traditionalist school, something perhaps exemplified by the fact that I had never even heard of you until you pinged me, despite the fact that your screed goes back to 2015. You’re a disgrace to the radical right, and your complicity in the genocide of the Middle East’s Christians, along with a host of other vile crimes, is duly noted.


      2. Citadel,
        My friend the Imperial Traditionalist is highly regarded in the Legitimist ranks. It is odd that you profess to have never heard of him as both Cato from Among the Ruins and I have frequently reposted his content. He has fairly criticized the fact that your post attacked President Trump and his family ad hominem, and vulgarly at that. If any thing this detracts from any validity your post might have otherwise had.

        Your standards for governmental legitimacy also strike me as very strange. Recognition by the UN is your only standard? Very strange. Support for a regime which not only is opposed to the return of the legitimate Hashemite Monarch, but is actively opposed by the very Christian Assyrians and Arameans which you claim are being genocided by the American government? The Syriac Military Council would profoundly disagree with your support of a Ba’athist Usurper whose ideology has a history of persecution of the Syriacs of Syria.

        The fact that the American action had no actual effect is apparently irrelevant to you, as are the very real consequences of Serbian Nationalism in the Balkans. Your position is analogous to that a Restorationist Legitimist supporting the Ustaše Usurpers in Croatia. On the other hand, America, which has at least a legitimately constituted ruler, and for which Americans legitimately fulfill the duties of Patriotism, moral duties which are required by the Natural Law for the Common Good, has earned your undying hatred. (The moral duty to the Good of one’s country far outweighs the interest of one’s unrelated “kin”. Further you say that America is a proposition “nation” “unlike most others around the globe.” I counter that every Patriot vows loyalty to his country on the proposition that he loves it and seeks its good.)

        You have called my friend “a disgrace to the radical right,” but you have failed to understand that to the Legitimists, WE ARE THE RIGHT, you “radicals” are all to the Left of us.

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      3. Nothing I said about the president was inaccurate, unless you are going to make some kind of absurdist 678D Chess argument about his motives, contra everything he had said previously.

        I don’t regard the UN as being worth a damn, but it is selectively invoked by the US at every turn, so I feel free to use it against blatantly illegal actions taken by the Americans, not that it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

        The vast majority of Christians in Syria support Assad. It is, again, completely delusional to suggest otherwise when Google is at hand. The group you cited is a tiny front group for the SUP and it does not speak for Christians. I’d much sooner take the words of the Patriarch of Antioch who has called out the US’s funding of Jihadists on numerous occasions. The Syrian military have liberated swathes of Christian towns from US backed rebels who cut off heads and burn people alive. Under Assad’s government, Christians lived in peace and were some of the nation’s most successful citizens, unlike what has happened to the Copts in Egypt. Complain about Assad’s Ba’athism all you like, he is still to the right of liberalism (which is embodied by the USA). Also, I primarily look out for Christians when it comes to the Middle East, so sorry if I don’t care about whether Muslims have monarchies or not (especially as their current monarchies are almost all vicious butchers).

        This missile strike’s significance is in its symbolic continuation of prior US policy, that being the continued support for Islamist fanatics, who were funded and armed by the Clinton state department. This is precisely what Trump pledged to end.

        This so-called ‘legitimist’ stuff becomes a completely non-credible thought exercise when you of all people attempt to justify the United States, which, like France, fought a war to OVERTHROW a monarchy. and install a LIBERAL state. Not only this, but unlike Assad, then worked to impose this vision on the rest of the world. Any support for this state as presently constituted, which is today the locus of the left wing throughout the world, the heart of liberalism, the black Cathedral, can never, with any shred of credibility, claim to be to the right of anything.

        Bringing up the Ustase is especially ironic since your friend expressed the desire to erase the Serb nation…. just as the Ustase wished to do!

        If you think the right is defined by ignorance of race, jingoistic blindness, support for America’s globalist agenda, and fetishizing dead dynasties over the true sacral character of monarchy, as if this was some live action role play, then you have not read enough literature.

        Look, we are obviously in completely different camps politically, so it is with the best intentions I suggest this be the end of discussion along these lines, and we cease any prior associations that may have existed and were the root of this entire altercation. Political argumentation in the end serves little purpose. I’ll stick to my sphere, you stick to yours, and we shall leave it at that.


      4. The “Cargo Cult” of Legitimism is based not on blind monarchism, but the primacy of the Natural Law. I have delved into the origins of America and whether it was legitimate, and suffice it to say that I have come to the same conclusion as the Marquis de la Rouërie, leader of the Counter-Revolutionaries in Brittany.
        It is interesting that you bring up Patriarch Ignatius, as a quick google search showed that he said, “We have not submitted ourselves to Assad…”
        As to Serbia, yes it should be removed from the map, because the true home for the Serb nation is the Srpska Vojvodina under the Grand Voivode of the Voivodship of Serbia. This is not an ethnic but an Anti-Nationalist assertion. We despise equally the Black Hand and the Ustase.

        As for the understanding of “the true sacral character of monarchy,” why then do you despise the real Kings? If it is mere strength and power impresses you, which seems to be the case given your fondness for the idea of the so called “Mandate of Heaven,” perhaps I understand. Perhaps you despise very notion of the Diákonοί Theoú because it implies humility and weakness.
        You accuse us of “larping” and taking this as a “live role play,” I can assure you nothing is further from the truth; “When a society is perishing, the wholesome advice to give to those who would restore it is to call it to the principles from which it sprang; for the purpose and perfection of an association is to aim at and to attain that for which it is formed, and its efforts should be put in motion and inspired by the end and object which originally gave it being… The consciousness of his own weakness urges man to call in aid from without. We read in the pages of holy Writ: “It is better that two should be together than one; for they have the advantage of their society. If one fall he shall be supported by the other. Woe to him that is alone, for when he falleth he hath none to lift him up.”(34) And further: “A brother that is helped by his brother is like a strong city.”(35) It is this natural impulse which binds men together in civil society; and it is likewise this which leads them to join together in associations which are, it is true, lesser and not independent societies, but, nevertheless, real societies.” (Leo PP. XIII Rerum Novarum) There are far more than just three of us in this association, and though our means are limited, our end is clear. We shall strive to that end through all reasonable and honorable means.
        Prior associations that might have exist? I was not aware of any, other than that I commented on your site a few times and you did likewise. Go with God.

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      5. I find it hard to support a war of aggression conducted by the same nation that caused the ruin of western civilization against a group that served loyally on the side of right in the Great War. I never have and never will profess to be part of the Reactosphere.

        Most of your commentary is typical far-right schismatic arrogance against the anyone who disagrees with you, sadly typical of our Eastern Brethren. I don’t blindly follow Trump, I simply think the outrage over the strikes in Syria to be sensationalist nonsense promoted by Russophile “Right-Wingers”.


  2. >I could not find a singular shred of patriotism in any of the attacks on Trump, save for a few, more measured responses a few days afterwards.

    Supporting decisions taken by your country is simply blind jingoism, not genuine patriotism.

    > It was entirely ignored that, on a purely pragmatic level, Assad is hostile to American interests, or that Russia is not the friend of the West.

    How is Assad hostile to American interests? What the hell are American interests in the middle east?

    >I’ve seen Americans say that their “only hope” is now Marine Le Pen, a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual,

    Le Pen is LESS liberal the Trump.

    >My first loyalty is always to the Faith, followed by my Fatherland, and then to lawful authorities.

    America is a Protestant country. It’s founding principles are hostile to Traditionalist Catholicism. Infact, the very notion of “Fatherland” in America is un-American, as it implies cultural/racial identity, when in reality “American” is merely a civil political identity.

    >My loyalty is not to Syria, or Russia, or to Assad or Putin. It is to America and Trump.

    Trump is not a monarch or a general. He is a democratically elected President. To not criticise him out of fear of “disloyalty” is actually to the detriment of the America you profess to defend.


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